Tips On How To HookUp With Mature Women

February 29th, 2012

Just because you’re over 40 doesn’t mean your sex life dies! SeniorSizzle is here just to fill that void in the online dating market. I have complied a few tips to get the best out of your online dating.

First off one thing you need to realize is that women over the age of 40 know what they want. They are not 20-year-old girls who can be easily fooled and need to be impressed. A lady in her 40s knows exactly what she wants in a man and she knows exactly what type of relationship she is seeking. Many times dating mature women are much easier to date than hooking up with younger ladies. There are much less emotional feelings than physical need for women over 40. Especially if you’re looking just to hook up, mature women usually know what they want and they won’t play any games.

Obviously all women young and old want to be treated right, however older mature women don’t become emotionally attached as easy as the younger ones. Older women know what they want and they can usually read through the BS.

Okay, Let’s Get To Some Of The Tips:

First off since you’re going to be dating older women you need to be upfront, honest and expect to know you want.

Tip number one:

Your photograph. Using the right photo of yourself is very important. It’s important to make your photo fun, by using a pic of yourself smiling. You don’t want to use a serious or unhappy photo if yourself or else you might as well close your computer and go outside. No women are going to be interested in you if you have a photograph of yourself looking too serious or unhappy.

Tip number two:

Your profile. When you’re writing out your profile it’s important to be very detailed and fill everything in as much as you can. In your profile, talk about everything that you want to. Women love details, they are very detail oriented so the more detailed information on your profile the easier it will be for women to contact you.

Tip number three:

When you meet in person try to keep the conversation light. Don’t talk about your ex wife, the divorce you’re going through or your problem children. It is a time to get to know each other not scare each other away!

A bonus is if they are on a site like SeniorSizzle, because you already know they want something physically. That means your chances of getting laid just went wayyy up!

DesertGirl from

February 19th, 2012
  • location:
  • age: 53
  • height: 5’5
  • weight: 138 lbs
  • DesertGirl’s Profile:

    I am looking to meet mature men in to have discreet fun with who are easy going, fun, sweet, respectful and you have to make me laugh i am very open minded and hoping to find someone who is wanting to explore, i am honest a straight shooter and respectful I’m not on here to play games or drama so don’t waste my time whats the point oh 1 more thing everyone is busy with their lives so if you don’t have a pic i don’t even read life is to short :)
    smiling woman over 50 with no clothes on

    lookin good for over 50 years old, mmm!

    DesertGirl from

    not scared to show it all!!

    pretty mature lady showing it off!

    who wants to get with her? Mmmm…

    BettyBoobz from

    February 16th, 2012
  • location:
  • age: 53
  • height: 5’5
  • weight: 140 lbs
  • BettyBoobz’s Profile:

    I am a very easy going girl with tons of interests and a a really positive, fun outlook. I love motorcycles and ride as much as I can. I am looking for someone who loves to ride, has a great sense of humor, has his life together and loves to travel. I have a few tattoos but I am also very feminine. I live a pretty balanced life, have great friends and family and am grateful for all of it everyday. Happy to tell you more if there is mutual interest.

    BettyBoobz from Senior

    Ready for action, mmm!

    BettyBoobz showing her b**bs!

    she looks hungry for s*x!

    BettyBoobz from SeniorSizzle

    wild mature women that’s for sure! Demographics & Traffic

    February 9th, 2011

    If you want to know traffic and demographic information on then read on. Senior Sizzle is an adult dating site that is geared towards people over 45 years of age who like the sexy side of dating. I have included a some charts, the first chart below shows the traffic to between July 2010 and January 2011. From the chart you can see that the traffic to the site has been steadily increasing especially since November of 2010. When winter comes more people stayindoors and the online dating scene explodes with traffic, hookups and dates.

    SeniorSizzle is actually owned by one of the largest adult dating sites on the planet called You can rest assured that if you’re with Senior sizzle, then you’re in good hands because they’re connected to such a large network of adult dating sites. traffic statistics

    The demographics to the site as expected is an older crowd. 28% of the members are between the age groups of 35 and 49. 42% of the members are over 50 so right there you have over 70% of the membership being over the range of 35 years of age. And as with all dating sites, males dominate this one as well. 71% of the visitors to Senior Sizzle are male and 29% are female. And not surprisingly Caucasians seem to dominate this dating site. Considering Seniorsizzle is the sexier side of dating, you’ll see swinging couples and senior singles looking to hook up. I’m not surprised that you’ll get a more Caucasian type audience. It seems that most swingers are Caucasian and Senior Sizzle backs up this data.

    Hot Milf From SeniorSizzle

    February 7th, 2011

    Hey guys I had a few minutes this morning just before I head out to work. Sorry I haven’t been updating the site very often, haven’t had too much time.  But , I was browsing on and this hot brunette came across my page and I had to post about her. Just some very revealing photographs that I could not resist looking as you can tell below. anyways have a great day and I’ll try to post more.

    brunette from SeniorSizzle

    Mature brown haired woman

    SeniorSizzle – Adult Dating For People Over 40

    September 10th, 2010

    Now that I have some time, I would like to tell everybody exactly what SeniorSizzle is. Senior Sizzle is an adult dating site that caters to women and men over 40 seeking to have fun with other people over 40 years of age. This is not a regular type of dating site, this type of site would be in the same category as or

    Just because you’re 40 years old doesn’t mean that your sexual desires go away. Senior Sizzle focuses on hot and horny singles and couples over 40 years old who still have a fire and desire inside to have physical relationships, and aren’t scared to actually fulfill their deepest fantasies.

    This site is here to explore my fantasies and the fantasies of my readers, and also their experiences with As part of the Adult Friend Finder network you can guarantee that there are millions of Milfs, Gilfs, married women, and just physically attractive women and men over 40 years of age. Just because you are a mature person it sure doesn’t mean that you don’t have sex, and this site is here to prove that.

    Welcome To SeniorSizzle

    August 7th, 2010

    Welcome to SeniorSizzle. This is my first post.  Check back shortly for reviews, info and much more on everything related to Senior Sizzle!